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Catherine & Stephen

    I wish more people remembered how pretty early November can be when choosing their wedding date. Catherine's wedding is a perfect reminder.


   Located in downtown Baltimore, the stately Maryland Club boasts plenty of dark wood, rich fabrics, a massive fireplace and unbelievable stained-glass skylight in the dining room. Catherine's chosen color palette of deep green, ochre, cinnamon and cognac, with just a hint of blush popped perfectly against the age and history of this grand old place.


   One of my favorite pieces from this day was the flower "moment" at the bottom of the staircase. Guests ascended to the second floor for cocktails before dinner, so this was a natural (but unexpected) place to design a welcome area. My other favorite piece was the mantel installation behind the bridal table. Designed as the focal piece of the room, this one drew everyone's attention immediately upon entry. The flowers and the textural foliage were many but my favorites among the selection were the magnolia leaves - for their velvety texture, the deep blackish-burgundy of the agonis foliage, and Golden Mustard roses - for their perfect color. 


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