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Regan & Tyler

            Can you tell yet that Cappuccino roses have been super popular this past year? I was so fortunate to be able to get them in the spring and summer but by fall they were almost non-existent due to huge demand and a strained supply chain. Hopefully, the farms will be able to catch up till this season rolls around but it could be another year or two till production returns to normal. But I digress..


            On to Regan and Tyler's happy day! It was a blue sky-filled day in early June at Elmwood Bed and Breakfast and goodness, but it was HOT. Like, 90+ degrees hot. But the wonderful thing about these photos from Jo Marie Portraits is that you absolutely cannot tell. When working with perishables like flowers in high heat, there are sometimes concerns about everything staying lively and fresh. Happily, in this case, everything held up quite well and these photos are proof. 


            Regan dressed her girls in a neutral fawn color that set off the white and dark green bouquets beautifully. For her bouquet, I dove in with a bit more color...dusty pink Cappuccino roses, Symbol and White Majolica roses, astilbe, plum hellebore, stock, deutzia, mint, nigella, canterbury bells, tweedia, dusty miller, snapdragons, and ranunculus. Included with Regan's bouquet were several special family photo charms and a few stems of pink-tipped alstroemeria which had also been used in her mom's wedding bouquet. It's little personal touches like these that make your wedding day uniquely yours.     

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