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Buttered Ginger Cookie

Buttered Ginger Cookie

SKU: BGC1020

The best buttery ginger cookie you've ever tasted! Err...smelled. This is THE one for when you're in the mood for "warm and toasty" and burrowing into your chunky knits.


Butter (lots of butter), cream, ginger, cinnamon and a bit of orange zest combine together in the cozy aroma of fresh, hot Buttered Ginger Cookies. Smells like a hug in a jar. 


*For best results, please do not actually eat this candle.


    100% USA Grown Soy Wax

    8.5 oz.


    Cotton Wick

    Phthalate Free Fragrance and Essential Oil Blend

    Hand Poured in Micro Batches at the Wilde Rose studio

    Hagerstown Maryland USA

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