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Erin & Caleb

               The gardens and grounds of the Oatlands House are absolutely breath-taking in the spring. Their gardeners do a magnificent job in their care and tending. If you are holding your wedding in Leesburg or anywhere close to it, you should definitely check out this estate as a venue option or at the very least consider taking your engagement photos there. For more from this location, click here. 

        I was finally able to get my hands on the new Japanese Wabara Sola roses and they brought the perfect burst of pink to this color palette of peach, blue, white, blush, lemon and soft butter yellow. I didn't have a ton of blooms in my garden yet but what I did find were the snowball viburnum and apple mint. Ranunculus and stock from a local farmer friend came alongside the roses, tweedia, bunny tails, astilbe, dusty miller, and eucalyptus. I tied things off with gorgeous hand-torn velvet and chiffon ribbons from Honey Silks Co.        

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