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Roopa & Ryan

Marrying in the covid years has made for plenty of changed plans and this party was no exception. For Roopa and Ryan, this day was the one they could finally share with their family and friends after having married in a smaller more intimate ceremony a few months prior. Roopa and I brainstormed for months along with help from Deb, an on-site coordinator at Miller's Farmstead. An extension was built onto the back of the arbor to make enough space on the platform for the ceremonial wedding rituals. We strung and hung a flower curtain along the back of the extension and added florals to each of the six corners of the arbor piece. Tons of local flowers and my favorite...autumn dahlias and amaranthus were heavily featured. Oh, and that vining greenery on the drapery off the patio? Every single strand was attached by hand.   

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